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Re: Documentation Policy

On Jun 24, Santiago Vila Doncel wrote
> But I still dislike automatic building. If you just want not having to
> fetch the source package, what about a foo-doc-texi binary package (on a
> "do whatever you want with it" basis), which just ships the .texi source?

Better still (IMO, of course :) would be to have a foo-doc-source (AKA
foo-doc-texi, except that it isn't necessarily texinfo; it could be SGML,
for instance) package, which can be used to make *packages* containing
the docs in whatever format you require, which could then be installed
and deinstalled in the normal way. A large problem with this is keeping
the versions of documentation installed the same as the version of the

Another way to do it might be to distribute `dummy' packages foo-doc-html
and so on, which depend on the foo-doc-source and which generate the
correct form on-the-fly. This would save mirror space, but would require
the doc-source to be installed (since it would have to Depend on the
doc-source package).


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