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bug server feature request: "index-summary foopackage"

Milan Zamazal <pdm@fi.muni.cz> writes:
>One problem with reporting bugs I feel personally is what to do to
>avoid repeating reports.  I use the following algorithm, when I
>discover a bug:
>1. I go through the list of pending bugs posted to bug list
>   periodically, and check whether it could be reported.
>2. I'm searching through my mail archive for bug server address and
>   guide.
>3. I request bug messages I've found in 1. from bug server to check if
>   they reported my bug or not.
>This algorithm is very annoying and I think some steps could be
>avoided (but I've no idea how).  I prefer e-mail interface over WWW
>because of my slow connection.

I think our bug server needs a feature.  Right now, we can do this to
get an index of all the bug reports:

	echo "index-summary by-package" | mail request@bugs.debian.org

...but this is a pretty long list.  I think you should be able to
fetch the summary lines for just one package like this:

	echo "index-summary foopackage" | mail request@bugs.debian.org

This is such an obvious feature to me that I know I've looked for it
several times in the bug server docs.  Seems like it ought to be easy
to implement, too (although I don't know anything about the code).

                                - Jim Van Zandt

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