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Re: How do we encourage bug reports?

One problem with reporting bugs I feel personally is what to do to
avoid repeating reports.  I use the following algorithm, when I
discover a bug:
1. I go through the list of pending bugs posted to bug list
   periodically, and check whether it could be reported.
2. I'm searching through my mail archive for bug server address and
3. I request bug messages I've found in 1. from bug server to check if
   they reported my bug or not.
4. I wait several hours for answer (maybe because of slow connection
   somewhere -- because of various reasons I have from Middle Europe
   much more better connection to U.S. than to most European
5. I forget that reported bug may be also corrected and closed in
6. If I think my bug is not reported yet, I send bug report.

This algorithm is very annoying and I think some steps could be
avoided (but I've no idea how).  I prefer e-mail interface over WWW
because of my slow connection.

Milan Zamazal

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