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Re: How do we encourage bug reports?

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> Milan Zamazal:
> > One problem with reporting bugs I feel personally is what to do to
> > avoid repeating reports.
> I think it is not the job of the person reporting a bug to worry about
> duplicate reports. Especially not if the person is an end-user and not
> a Debian developer.
>         1. User discovers a bug.
>         2. User reports a bug.
> Eager people will check the bug system before they repeat a bug,
> if only because they might find a solution quicker, if the bug
> has already been reported. However, in no way should we indicate
> that bug reporters are expected to do this.
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I think it's allways a good idea to report bugs, even if you repeat
someone elses report. Most of the time you have different hardware and
setups and it makes it much easier to find bugs when you know if its a
problem specific to one hardware and setup or if it fails on a more
general base.

May the Source be with you.

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