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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

phil@hands.com (Philip Hands)  wrote on 15.06.97 in <10326.866370006@hands.com>:

> > Exim doesn't provide UUCP capabilities *at all*, thus it is rather
> > useless for sites that use UUCP (like me).
> I expect that you will admit that UUCP sites are a minority.  I use UUCP,

I don't know about him, but I certainly won't admit such a thing. There  
are lots of UUCP users around in this part of the world.

> but I don't think that the majority of users who do not should be forced to
> use a cumbersome mail transfer agent because of that.

Well, neither should those UUCP users :-)

If nobody else does this, I will spend some time to figure out how to do  
UUCP properly with exim. I'd like to replace westfalen.de's smail with  
exim, and there are lots of UUCP sites in that domain.

I also hope to figure out how to get exim to have a customer-configurable  
spam block when acting as MX for those customers - I think they'll like  
that very much, and it sure looks as if that should be possible.

> The complexity of the configuration files (I know .mc m4 helps, but even
> so), means that it is easy to mis-configure.

I'm one of the crazy people that wrote a sendmail.cf from scratch. That  
was back in the eighties; I first tried for Berkeley example .cfs, but  
those were broken, so I wrote my own. Worked, too.

I dreamt about how a mailer _should_ be configurable. Then I found smail,  
and saw that other people obviously had the very same ideas about that :-)

Only, it still was too cryptic. Well, there came exim - again, someone had  
the exact same idea ... (Should I mention the same happened to me when I  
was upset about Minix, and along came Linux? Maybe I should make money  
with predictions ... :-))

> It is unnecessarily large, because of the number of obsolescent features it
> supports.

Today, that's also true for smail, though of course to a lesser extent.

> I know it is difficult to decide to dump something with which it takes so
> long to become familiar

Not at all. Really.

MfG Kai

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