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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

On Jun 18, Rob Browning wrote
> Say you have three users who have accounts on your system, but their
> primary accounts are elsewhere.  Now you want their email headers to
> be rewritten by *sendmail* to appear to come from their other provider
> so that it will be correct no matter what email client they use.
> ...
> (I hear now there's a way to get sendmail to use a database for this,
> but I haven't gotten that to work yet.)

This was something I worked with some time ago, when I was a sendmail
guru.  It's called userdb, is poorly documented in the bat book, and
rarely documented elsewhere from the sendmail distribution proper.
However, it *is* designed for precisely this problem.

If anybody's still interested, I could dig up my old notes on how to do
it.  I remember you *do* need to have Berkeley's libdb active, though.

qmail does this *much* better, BTW, which is part of the reason I moved
to it.
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