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Re: Hamm: Exim + Chos standard?

mbaker@iee.org (Mark Baker)  wrote on 13.06.97 in <E0wcXDL-0006os-00@mnb20.pet.cam.ac.uk>:

> In article <19970613145008.00302@desire.camelot.de>,
> 	Alexander Koch <efraim@argh.org> writes:
> > Both qmail (which proved insecure <most evil grin>) and Exim are not
> > capable of UUCP or even bang paths! So a lot of those guys in countries
> > where phone costs are terrible (like in Germany) still use it and they
> > WILL have a problem then.
> Exim is not capable of bang paths, true, but not many people still use them.
> It _is_ capable of uucp so long as you use domain addressing. Admittedly it
> is not obvious how to set it up to do so.

Well, that just means we either include that in the eximconfig, or  
somewhere in /usr/doc/exim, doesn't it?

The way I understand the docs, exim should be quite able to do the very  
common case of a site with a permanent net connection feeding lots of UUCP  
leaf sites. True, if you need map handling, then you'll probably be better  
off with a different MTA (or maybe you can even hack that one into exim -  
I don't know if anybody has tried this).

Me, I won't weep a single tear for bang paths and map handling.

MfG Kai

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