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Re: 1.3 installation report

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens)  wrote on 03.06.97 in <m0wZ3cx-00IdTXC@golem.pixar.com>:

> I wound up in a catch-22 with some of the extra packages:
> - ghostview and gv both depend on gs. However, package gs-alladin which
> provides gs never gets installed because dselect tries to: gs-alladin is
> in non-free, which is never parsed because gv/ghostview doesn't install
> because there's no gs. Repeating the installation step doesn't solve this.
> - the problem with dselect not trying a section because there was an
> error in a previous section returns with pinepgp from contrib not
> installing because it depends on pine and pgp, in non-free resp. local.
> Here too, repeating the process doesn't solve the problem.
> This behaviour of dselect should be anticipated on when determining the
> proper (pre)dependecies, or otherwise a mention of it should be added to
> the documentation - along with a hint of possible solutions. Repeating the
> installation step (the current panacea) is no solution in these cases.

Well, this is one thing that dpkg-mountable seems to get right. Maybe  
other installation methods could be fixed to do the same?

In short, dpkg-mountable does not scan through the archive and unpack  
every package it finds that is wanted, it first tries to locate the  
packages and then unpacks them in order.

Actually, it has problems, too - dpkg-mountable doesn't (yet?) understand  
pre-dependencies, except to complain about unresolved ones.

MfG Kai

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