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1.3 installation report

From: "J.P.D. Kooij" <kooij@sci.kun.nl>

On Mon, 2 Jun 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> We are in the process of releasing Debian 1.3 .

Tonight I made another attempt to install base + 300 packages. I've added 
the list to the end of this message.

I experienced a _major_ problem with shadow and xdm, a minor problem with 
bind and some dselect annoyance with installation order, which tends to 
break installation in a way that cycling dselect "installation" doesn't 
solve the dependency problems.

Mostly things went quite fine though. Base install from May 28 floppies is
very smooth and without any problems on my hardware (pci p133 32mb) I made
a 2+Gb ext2 partition without memory problems. I did install any modules,
because I rolled my own 2.0.29 kernel with some patches to get my ne2000
recognised and I just compiled everything needed in. 

After rebooting and entering dselect I chose nfs access method. Every 
time the stable/binary tree is checked by dselect it prints an (apparently 
harmless) error about a broken pipe.

Before, I had tried to select a whole bunch of packages, but this tends to
give a lot of dependency problems.  So this time I first did the already
selected + all important packages + all packages suggested because of
dependencies - no problems.  Then all standard packages + depended on
packages - no problems. Then all optional packages + depends. This
included x, which gave some problems: 

The xserver packages want to setup x, this gets stuck because xinitrc is
missing because it is part of xbase - which is not installed at that
point. Also, sometimes xdm does get configured properly because of similar
reasons - a missing Xservers file. This time it worked though, but only
because I installed more than one xserver and xbase got installed before
the one I actually use. This also saved the day for xsetup, so in fact I
did get x running in one dselect run. Had to rerun dselect anyway because
of the unconfigured xserver-vga16 etc. On the point of xsetup: I found
that things hang really badly if I run xvidtune from xsetup. Maybe that is
not so bad actually because it is quite a dangerous program to your
monitor - I once found out.

Apart from x, there were no obvious problems with the otional packages.

I wound up in a catch-22 with some of the extra packages:
- ghostview and gv both depend on gs. However, package gs-alladin which 
provides gs never gets installed because dselect tries to: gs-alladin is 
in non-free, which is never parsed because gv/ghostview doesn't install 
because there's no gs. Repeating the installation step doesn't solve this.
- the problem with dselect not trying a section because there was an 
error in a previous section returns with pinepgp from contrib not 
installing because it depends on pine and pgp, in non-free resp. local. 
Here too, repeating the process doesn't solve the problem.

This behaviour of dselect should be anticipated on when determining the 
proper (pre)dependecies, or otherwise a mention of it should be added to 
the documentation - along with a hint of possible solutions. Repeating the 
installation step (the current panacea) is no solution in these cases. 

So this makes more or less 3 problems with installation of more than 300 
packages. Quite good actually! Add to that that these problems were not 
really serious - very good actually!

I did find a serious problem after rebooting (ok, I could probably have
done this more subtle) the machine to start xdm. From reading several
debian related lists I already knew that xdm will break with shadow
passwords. However, I doubt if everyone who just installed debian 1.3 will
realize that it is this combination that prevents him/her from logging in.
The fix is very simple: ctrl-alt-F1; log in as root;  shadowconfig off;
return to x and log in normally. But you do have to know this.. and there
is no warning when installing shadow or xdm.

IMHO a _big_ warning in CAPS should be added to the installation messages
or, much better, this should be fixed in frozen before a release is made.
If this isn't fixed in time, then I think we can consider shadow 
sort of broken in 1.3. 

Another problem that I have seen reprorts of is the problems with bind. I 
let the bind upgrade touch a working setup on a 1.2 machine and it broke 
it. I set it up on a fresh machine and I can't even do a "nslookup 
localhost". Haven't had thhe time to investigate what went wrong.

So far my longish report at a rather late time - hope it is still of some 



Here are the install logs:

<first run>

adduser                                         install       <
ae                                              install       <
base-files                                      install       <
base-passwd                                     install       <
bash                                            install       <
bsdutils                                        install       <
debianutils                                     install       <
dialog                                          install       <
diff                                            install       <
dpkg                                            install       <
dpkg-ftp                                        install       <
e2fsprogs                                       install       <
elvis-tiny                                      install       <
fdflush                                         install       <
fileutils                                       install       <
findutils                                       install       <
getty                                           install       <
grep                                            install       <
gzip                                            install       <
hostname                                        install       <
isapnptools                                     install       <
kbd                                             install       <
ldso                                            install       <
libc5                                           install       <
libdb1                                          install       <
libgdbm1                                        install       <
libnet                                          install       <
libreadline2                                    install       <
lilo                                            install       <
login                                           install       <
makedev                                         install       <
mawk                                            install       <
mbr                                             install       <
modconf                                         install       <
modutils                                        install       <
mount                                           install       <
ncurses-base                                    install       <
ncurses-bin                                     install       <
ncurses3.0                                      install       <
netbase                                         install       <
passwd                                          install       <
ppp                                             install       <
procps                                          install       <
sed                                             install       <
setserial                                       install       <
shellutils                                      install       <
sysklogd                                        install       <
syslinux                                        install       <
sysvinit                                        install       <
tar                                             install       <
textutils                                       install       <
timezone                                        install       <
update                                          install       <
util-linux                                      install       <

<end of first run>

<second run>
at                                              install       <
bc                                              install       <
biff                                            install       <
bin86                                           install       <
binutils                                        install       <
bison                                           install       <
bsdmainutils                                    install       <
cpio                                            install       <
cpp                                             install       <
cron                                            install       <
cvs                                             install       <
dc                                              install       <
debian-policy                                   install       <
deliver                                         install       <
dnsutils                                        install       <
doc-debian                                      install       <
doc-linux                                       install       <
dpkg-dev                                        install       <
ed                                              install       <
electric-fence                                  install       <
elm-me+                                         install       <
file                                            install       <
flex                                            install       <
gcc                                             install       <
gdb                                             install       <
gpm                                             install       <
groff                                           install       <
iamerican                                       install       <
ibritish                                        install       <
info                                            install       <
ispell                                          install       <
less                                            install       <
libbfd2.7.0.9                                   install       <
libc5-dev                                       install       <
libdb1-dev                                      install       <
libelf0                                         install       <
libg++27                                        install       <
libg++27-dev                                    install       <
libgdbm1-dev                                    install       <
libreadline2-dev                                install       <
lsof                                            install       <
m4                                              install       <
mailx                                           install       <
make                                            install       <
man-db                                          install       <
manpages                                        install       <
mh                                              install       <
mime-support                                    install       <
mpack                                           install       <
mtools                                          install       <
ncurses-term                                    install       <
ncurses3.0-dev                                  install       <
netstd                                          install       <
nvi                                             install       <
patch                                           install       <
pdksh                                           install       <
perl                                            install       <
perl-suid                                       install       <
procmail                                        install       <
rcs                                             install       <
sendmail                                        install       <
sharutils                                       install       <
strace                                          install       <
tcsh                                            install       <
time                                            install       <
wenglish                                        install       <
wg15-locale                                     install       <
xlib6                                           install       <

<end of second run>

<third run>

a2gs                                            install       <
acct                                            install       <
adjtimex                                        install       <
afterstep                                       install       <
apache                                          install       <
apache-dev                                      install       <
apache-modules                                  install       <
arena                                           install       <
ash                                             install       <
automake                                        install       <
bash-builtins                                   install       <
bing                                            install       <
bug                                             install       <
cfgtool                                         install       <
cgi-scripts                                     install       <
csh                                             install       <
dftp                                            install       <
doc-rfc                                         install       <
dosfstools                                      install       <
dwww                                            install       <
expect                                          install       <
fdutils                                         install       <
fetchmail                                       install       <
filerunner                                      install       <
fortune-mod                                     install       <
fortunes                                        install       <
freefont                                        install       <
fvwm-common                                     install       <
fvwm2                                           install       <
fvwm95                                          install       <
gawk                                            install       <
ghostview                                       install       <
git                                             install       <
glimpse                                         install       <
gnugo                                           install       <
gs-aladdin                                      install       <
gsfonts                                         install       <
gv                                              install       <
info2www                                        install       <
jargon                                          install       <
kernel-package                                  install       <
leave                                           install       <
libc5-dbg                                       install       <
libgpm1                                         install       <
libjpeg-dev                                     install       <
libjpeg-progs                                   install       <
libjpeg6a                                       install       <
libmagick-lzw                                   install       <
libmagick-lzw-dev                               install       <
libmsql1                                        install       <
libpam-dbg                                      install       <
libpam-dev                                      install       <
libpam-doc                                      install       <
libpam-util                                     install       <
libpam0                                         install       <
libpaper                                        install       <
libpcap0                                        install       <
libpng1                                         install       <
libpng1-dev                                     install       <
libpthread0                                     install       <
libpthread0-dev                                 install       <
libpwdb-dbg                                     install       <
libpwdb-dev                                     install       <
libpwdb-doc                                     install       <
libpwdb0                                        install       <
libtiff3                                        install       <
libtiff3-dev                                    install       <
libtiff3-gif                                    install       <
libtool                                         install       <
lincity                                         install       <
loadlin                                         install       <
localebin                                       install       <
lprng                                           install       <
lynx                                            install       <
maelstrom                                       install       <
magicfilter                                     install       <
man2html                                        install       <
mc                                              install       <
mctools-lite                                    install       <
menu                                            install       <
mh-papers                                       install       <
mhonarc                                         install       <
mimedecode                                      install       <
mpage                                           install       <
ncftp                                           install       <
netpbm                                          install       <
netpbm-dev                                      install       <
nextaw                                          install       <
open                                            install       <
perl-debug                                      install       <
pgp-i                                           install       <
picasm                                          install       <
pico                                            install       <
pine                                            install       <
pine-docs                                       install       <
pine-tech-notes                                 install       <
pinepgp                                         install       <
postgres95-dev                                  install       <
postgres95-doc                                  install       <
ppd-gs                                          install       <
procmail-lib                                    install       <
procmeter                                       install       <
pscol                                           install       <
psptools                                        install       <
pstotext                                        install       <
psutils                                         install       <
scotty                                          install       <
slang0.99.34                                    install       <
slang0.99.34-dev                                install       <
spell                                           install       <
spider                                          install       <
svgalib1                                        install       <
svgalib1-bin                                    install       <
svgalib1-dev                                    install       <
sysutils                                        install       <
sysvbanner                                      install       <
tcl74                                           install       <
tcl76                                           install       <
tcl76-dev                                       install       <
tcpdump                                         install       <
tix41                                           install       <
tix41-dev                                       install       <
tk40                                            install       <
tk42                                            install       <
tk42-dev                                        install       <
tkdesk                                          install       <
tkdiff                                          install       <
tkined                                          install       <
tkinfo                                          install       <
visual-tcl                                      install       <
weblint                                         install       <
workbone                                        install       <
xanim                                           install       <
xaos                                            install       <
xasteroids                                      install       <
xaw3d                                           install       <
xaw95                                           install       <
xbanner                                         install       <
xbase                                           install       <
xbill                                           install       <
xbomb                                           install       <
xcdroast                                        install       <
xcolorsel                                       install       <
xcontrib                                        install       <
xdaliclock                                      install       <
xearth                                          install       <
xevil                                           install       <
xext                                            install       <
xfishtank                                       install       <
xfnt100                                         install       <
xfnt75                                          install       <
xfntbase                                        install       <
xfntbig                                         install       <
xfntpex                                         install       <
xfntscl                                         install       <
xgalaga                                         install       <
xinput                                          install       <
xinvaders                                       install       <
xlib6-dev                                       install       <
xlockmore                                       install       <
xmanpages                                       install       <
xmix                                            install       <
xoj                                             install       <
xpat2                                           install       <
xpilot                                          install       <
xpm4.7                                          install       <
xpm4.7-dev                                      install       <
xproc                                           install       <
xscreensaver                                    install       <
xserver-s3                                      install       <
xserver-s3v                                     install       <
xserver-svga                                    install       <
xserver-vga16                                   install       <
xsysinfo                                        install       <
xv                                              install       <
zlib1                                           install       <

<end of third run>

<fourth run>

a2ps                                            install       <
bind                                            install       <
bzip                                            install       <
cdda2wav                                        install       <
cdwrite                                         install       <
cfs                                             install       <
debian-cd                                       install       <
defrag                                          install       <
diald                                           install       <
dpkg-cross                                      install       <
dunc                                            install       <
file-rc                                         install       <
idutch                                          install       <
ksmbfs                                          install       <
mgetty                                          install       <
mgetty-docs                                     install       <
mgetty-fax                                      install       <
minicom                                         install       <
mkisofs                                         install       <
netdiag                                         install       <
nitpic                                          install       <
rman                                            install       <
rsaref                                          install       <
samba                                           install       <
snmp                                            install       <
ssh                                             install       <
ssleay                                          install       <
ssltelnet                                       install       <
svgatextmode                                    install       <
tkman                                           install       <
wdutch                                          install       <

<end of fourth run>

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