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Re: 1.3 installation report

> The xserver packages want to setup x, this gets stuck because xinitrc is
> missing because it is part of xbase - which is not installed at that

Hmm.  Yeah, I think I've probably always won because I use dpkg from
the shell, and with globbing get everything in alphabetical order :-)
The problem here is that the server packages don't need the X
packages; only the configuration tools do.  Would it be enough if the
X server packages "suggest" xbase?  That way normal users would get
them, but people who really knew that they wanted to make a machine
into an xterminal can just ignore the "suggestion".

> The fix is very simple: ctrl-alt-F1; log in as root;  shadowconfig off;
> return to x and log in normally. But you do have to know this.. and there

Or even, "shadowconfig off; shadowconfig on" -- I'm told that
shadowconfig does the right thing with xdm *if* X is already
[9:30pm US/Eastern, still no 3.3 release...]

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