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Re: New section cdrom-able (?)

> Raul Miller <rdm@test.legislate.com> writes:
> > I that contrib and non-free should be merged.
On Apr 30, Guy Maor wrote
> Why?  The difference between the two is large.  Read policy 2.2 and
> 2.3.

I know they're different.  A program with incomplete source isn't the
same as a program that's not legal to use.  What about one that's
both?  You stick it in one category (contrib, last time I checked) and
lose the information about the other categorization.

A person is either going to install such things on a personal basis,
or accept/reject such things on some kind of policy basis.  The
current names don't really inform such decisions, and the current
partitioning seems akward.


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