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Re: Policy on Releasing patched packages?

On Apr 28, Riku Voipio wrote
> I'm about to release ppp-mschap package (ppp with a patch to support WinNT
> (Yuck:)) crypto chap authentication). Just before uploding to non-us, A last
> minute panic hitted that I'm not doing the "right thing" (tm).
> Now ppp-mschap conflicts/replaces pppd. It install's perfectly replacing
> ppp. However, the rxvt/rxvt-xpm packages use diversions to allow
> both to be installed.

you will also get problems with config files :
pppd and pppd-mschap use the same config file / provide the same config
files etc. if you find a solution : let me know, i'm maintainer of
isdnutils, and this includes ipppd (isdn pppd). i could also release and
additional ipppd-mschap ... so i have the same problems, and till now i
didn't find a better solution, than recommending pppd and not adding
configfiles (even if ipppd doesn't work without).

regards, andreas

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