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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Apr 14, Christian Hudon wrote
> Ugh. Even it they're obsolete, they shouldn't be dropped just like
> that. *If* we are dropping them, we should warn people well in advance
> (i.e. one release before, say). Otherwise people might get a bit unhappy
> when stuff that used to work fine mysteriously breaks. Personally, I'd wait
> for advice from the kernel people before dropping obsolete devices.

most devices are not obsolete, they only have new names.
next makedev release will not generate most devices, but will have a
compatibility mode to create them. i will never delete old devices on
any system. it's yust, that new installations will come with different
names for some devices. but in most cases this will not confuse someone
(aztcd or aztcd0 is easy to find out e.g.), and maybe i will add some
remonder files like "sr_is_now_called_scd".

regards andreas

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