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Re: On Ian Jackson and dpkg

On Apr 14, Klee Dienes wrote
: For the record, I have worked with Ian a fair bit lately, both as the
: current dpkg maintainer and in several other contexts.  We have
: disagreed often, particularly reagarding the appropriate nature of
: per-file checksums and other package verification issues.  Yet I have
: always found him to be pleasant and easy to work with regarding any
: and all technical issues, at least via personal E-mail.

I fully aggree!  Although, sometimes his mails seemed to be a little
harsh (at least for a non native English speaker), he never (almost
never) missed a chance to explain it.  (I say this as a short term
maintainer of dpkg.)  As I had to fix/add some bugs to dpkg, I got
the impression of a well thought (?) system.  Perhaps, for somebody it 
seems to be overkill, but IMHO now we benefit from that overkill in
Dependencies, Replaces, Conflicts (not meaning, that we couldn't do any
improvements ;-).

And dselect -- it managable.  Ok, sometimes it rather counter-intuitiv
(sp?) and should be more predictable for the common joe user, doing its
first Debian install --- but I never managed it, to get an unusable
system with dselect!

Ian did (and does?) a very good job.  Period.  And and least dpkg
shouldn't be reinvented.  For dselect -- ok, as long as only the UI is
concerned, there could be an alternative.  

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