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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> - Use ttyS* devices instead of cua* devices (???) [10]
there are a lot of old devices, yust for compatibility.
shouldn't we get rid of them all ? here is a list :

regards, andreas

obsolete devices still supported for compatibility

name		comment, generated where ?	comment / lad list

serial-cu	obsolete			listed
chase-cu	obsolete			listed
cyclades-cu	obsolete			listed
digiboard-cu	obsolete			listed
stallion-cu	obsolete			listed
specialix-cu	obsolete			listed
isdn-cu		obsolete			listed
rockport-cu	obsolete			listed
riscom-cu	obsolete			listed
hayes-cu	obsolete			listed
computone-cu	obsolete			listed

par[0-3]	"printer"			dropped in 2.1.31
logimouse	"mouse"				not listed
psmouse		"mouse"				not listed
msmouse		"mouse"				not listed
atimouse	"mouse"				not listed
jmouse		"mouse"				not listed
sr/scd		both names are supported	not decission
nqt150,qt150,qt-reset	"qic"			lists different
						(proposed) names
midi		-> midi00 	 "audio"	not listed
sg[a-h]		"sg"				listed as sg[0-7]
sbpcd		"sbpcd"				listed as sbpcd0
aztcd0		"aztcd"				listed as aztcd
core		-> /proc/kcore			listed
ramdisk		-> ram0				listed 
ftape		-> rft0				listed
nftape		-> nrft0			not listed
tty0		consoles			listed as "console"
vcs0		vcs				listed as "vcs"
lmscd		cm205cd				listed as "cm205cd"
fb0current	framebuffer			listed as "fb0"
fb1current	framebuffer			listed as "fb1"
isdnctrl	isdn-io				listed as "isdnctrl0"

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