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Unstable and kackeards compatibility

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Christian Hudon wrote:

> > You should probably send a bug report against the "makedev" package
> > with this.
> Ugh. Even it they're obsolete, they shouldn't be dropped just like
> that. *If* we are dropping them, we should warn people well in advance
> (i.e. one release before, say). Otherwise people might get a bit unhappy
> when stuff that used to work fine mysteriously breaks. Personally, I'd wait
> for advice from the kernel people before dropping obsolete devices.

 I think that in unstable releases we should:
	Remove obsolete devices
	Remove symlinks for backwards compatibility eg `/var/adm -> log'

 This doesn't mean that they won't be reinstalled in the next release (to
support user programs that need these things), but this way we can ensure
that no Debian components rely on this things.

 unstable==try to make things break

Nicolás Lichtmaier.-

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