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Re: Qmail, mailbox locking and the FSSTND

Christian Hudon <chudon@ee.mcgill.ca> writes:

>  - queue moved to /var/spool/qmail, with a symlink from /var/qmail/queue
> to /var/spool/qmail

This must be some new FSSTND that I haven't previously been aware of.

Mail goes in /var/spool/mail.  A mass of symlinks is gross.  Fix the
headers or something.

> Also... is it a <ahem> big problem if qmail uses flock to lock the
> mailbox?

Is it a <ahem> big problem if I not let qmail out of Incoming until
you fix this?

All MUAs and MTAs must lock mailboxes in the SAME way.  The ONLY
reliable way to lock over NFS is to link(2) to <user>.lock and then
check that the link got created with stat(2).


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