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Re: SOLVED: Erk! Something is *really* wrong here!

> I think your wtmp file is corrupt. The standard cron.monthly script
> rotates it every month - so then you start out with a clean one and
> the problem is gone.
> Just copy your wtmp file to wtmp.old or so, and truncate (not delete) the
> original one using ": > /var/log/wtmp" when this happens again.
> Mike.


I have the same problem. I've done what you suggest above and it
doesn't solve the problem. I think it's something else. It's
not related to the kernel we are using. It started after I upgraded
some packages but I don't know which one is the culprit. I'm
following Bo.


     J. RAMOS Goncalves | E-mail: J.R.Goncalves@reading.ac.uk   
     Department of Physics - University of Reading - England - U.K.

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