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Re: New source format repackaging: Status. [LONG]

Vincent Renardias:
> Here's the updated list of packages needing to be in new source format 
> before "bo" freeze (Feb. 27th).
> There are many more packages in the old source format, but our first goal
> will be to convert sources of packages with priority "required" or
> "standard", to make the job easier to people working on non-i386 ports. The ~
> 200 other packages will follow soon. 
> Please tell me if there are errors in this list, or if some packages are 
> missing (and updates of course).

Please add the shadow packages (shadow-login, shadow-passwd, shadow-su - all
built from one shadow_960810 source package) to the list - they are currently
in experimental, but I think they should be moved to "bo" so that we can have
shadow passwords for 1.3 (it was planned for 1.2, but we failed to move them
out of experimental before the freeze).

While a few issues still need to be resolved, I'm using the shadow packages
with no major problems for quite some time now (I had to hack adduser a little
but that's all) and I haven't seen any reports of serious bugs yet.  (I'm not
saying that there are _no_ bugs - but the only way to tell is to move these
packages to a more visible place...)

Also, once the shadow packages are in the new source format, I can add the
Debian packaging files to the upstream source (maintained by me).  But I'm
not yet familiar enough with the new standards to do the conversion myself.

> libc4                     extra     libs        (orphaned)
> libc4-dev                 extra     devel       (orphaned)
> gopher-client             extra     non-free    (orphan)
> gopherd                   extra     non-free    (orphan)
> those 4 are in still in the old package format, but I don't think these
> packages are very usefull anymore, and can be safely dropped unless someone
> really wants to maintain them. 

Well, libc4-dev may not be very useful anymore, but libc4 still is (to run
old a.out binaries - no way to convert to ELF if no source is available).
I think we shouldn't remove libc4 as long as a.out support is still in the
current "stable" kernel.  The (much more obsolete than libc4) ext and xia
filesystems were removed from 2.1.x only a few weeks ago.

As for gopher-client (possibly gopherd too - I don't have that installed
right now so can't tell): would it be possible to recompile it as ELF or at
least QMAGIC (no need to move it to the new source format)?  The current
gopher binaries are ZMAGIC and don't work on >1K blocksize filesystems
("N_TXTOFF < BLOCK_SIZE. Please convert binary.").  Not that this package
is incredibly important these days :), but it should still be there until
there are no more gopher servers (gopher.tc.umn.edu and a few others are
still up and running).



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