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Re: New source format repackaging: Status. [LONG]

> Please add the shadow packages (shadow-login, shadow-passwd, shadow-su - all
> built from one shadow_960810 source package) to the list - they are currently
> in experimental, but I think they should be moved to "bo" so that we can have
> shadow passwords for 1.3 (it was planned for 1.2, but we failed to move them
> out of experimental before the freeze).
> Also, once the shadow packages are in the new source format, I can add the
> Debian packaging files to the upstream source (maintained by me).  But I'm
> not yet familiar enough with the new standards to do the conversion myself.

I'm willing to handle the conversion to new source format for the shadow
suite, if noone has volenteered to do it already. I'm impatient to see
shadow moved out of experimental..

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