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Re: Release is currently inflexible...was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:
> This is in reply to your latest postind on the release schedule. I am very
> disapointed to see that none of the ideas being discussed by developers
> have made it into your release design. The most recent list posted has NO
> changes from the last list you posted. If you are going to insist on
> ignoring the input from the rest of the developers, what is the point in
> our being here?

As I understand it, the list is posted automatically.  Could it not be that
Brian just has not had a chance to update the list in the last few days or a
week?  Perhaps a polite note suggesting things you think should be
added/changed on the list based on discussion on this list would be a more
appropriate way of tackling the problem?  It's also possible he didn't read
the threads that at least some of these points were addressed in, because
there's just too much traffic on this list, and thus was completely unaware
of them until now.


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