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Release is currently inflexible...was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

This is in reply to your latest postind on the release schedule. I am very
disapointed to see that none of the ideas being discussed by developers
have made it into your release design. The most recent list posted has NO
changes from the last list you posted. If you are going to insist on
ignoring the input from the rest of the developers, what is the point in
our being here?

You haven't changed the status of "make all packages conform to the new
source package format". I know you don't think this is important, but many
of us do. Bruce even indicated that this was something that should get
higher priority.

We have had some very good discussions about what constitutes a critical
bug, all of which has been totaly ignored in your list.

I think everyone has agreed that the really major problem with the release
currently is the many packages with broken or unappropriate depends that
force dselect into failure.

None of these issues are reflected in your current "release design". I
think I speak for many others when I say that I don't like being dictated
to, or being ignored. I need to see some indication that you are at least
listening to the desires and goals of others, even when they don't agree
with yours.



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