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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > Well, I don't mind the way things currently are, but if people
> > really want stable/unstable versions of contrib and non-free, then
> > I'd suggest making "contrib" and "non-free" sections under
> > stable/unstable just like "admin", "base", "devel", etc. are.
> But this would imply that these sections belong to Debian GNU/Linux
> which is not the case afaik.  Naming those
> contrib / non-free
>   + stable
>   ` unstable
> instead would show that they don't belong to the main distribution.

I believe they _should_ be in the official distribution.  In my opinion,
it is pointless to restrict what can go there.  The success of any system
is governed largely by the software available for it.

Because of the problems with redistribution of "non-free" software, I
can understand having it clearly marked such that redistributers can
easily exclude it, but that not the same thing.
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