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Re: Policy: dealing with bugs

> liw >   <p>Once you have fixed the bug, leave it open in the
> liw >   bug system until you have uploaded the next version of
> liw >   the package, and it has been installed into the main
> liw >   ftp site. This makes sure that the person who reported
> liw >   the bug can immediately download it and check that the
> liw >   bug is indeed fixed.
> liw >
> liw >Comments?
> By that time I have forgotten all about the bug. I prefer making the
> change in the sourcecode and then clearing the bug report. The package
> will be released after a couple of fixes and improvements have
> accumulated.

What I've been doing is, as I fix a bug, I write it in the changelog
file with "(Bug#1234)".  Then, when I upload it to the Incoming directory,
I write my annoucement and copy all of the bug reports "1234-done@bugs...".
This closes the reports and makes sure the person who submitted the
bug sees that it has been uploaded to Incoming.
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