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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

In message <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.95.970107114915.9860K-100000@dwarf.polaris.net> 
sent on Tue, Jan 7 1997 12:21 EST Dale Scheetz writes:
> > - configuring so non-ASCII characters, etc. (???) [9]
> This should probably be an asterisk item with higher priority. We,
> supposidly targeted this one for the last release and only got about half
> way there. This also might require some "floating" volunteers to get the
> last few converted.

I could contribute some rc-files for Swiss (i.e Latin1) setup with the
exclusion of Emacs-configuration, since I don't know enough Lisp.

Are there some Latin[2-8] collegues around to coordinate?
(There is somebody in the .cz domain (Czecho-Slovakia [I know, this
 spelling is wrong, but what is the right one?], Marek is in .pl (Poland),
 both Latin2 and somebody is in .il (Israel, Latin8). Lars is in .fi 
 as we all know, Latin3 ?), so Latin[5-7] are still missing, Latin5 
 is probably most important)
> > - Use ttyS* devices instead of cua* devices (???) [10]
> > 
> It is important that we make sure that all these targets are within range.
> Some of the standards issues may be to large to reach completely for this
> release (not that it shouldn't be worked on during that period) but,
> again, others will know better than I.

/dev/ttyS* should be easy as long as the applications do locking anyway and
everyone is using mgetty for the modem :)

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