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Mirroring Bug Reports

Maybe a month ago, we've talked here about making it possible to
mirror the bug report web pages from master. At that time, we delayed
this after 1.2 release and christmas...

Let me come back to this topic again: The current situation seems to
be that the bug reports are located in


on master. If I use anonymous ftp to master, I can find the web pages
themselves in /pub/Linux/Debian/WebPages, but the subdir Bugs there
is a symlink to ../debian.org-local, which doesn't exist.

Again: Would it be possible to move the reports to somewhere in the
anon-ftp-accessible part of the filesystem, to that everyone can
mirror it if he wishes to? An idea would be to create
/pub/Linux/Debian.org-local in the FTP tree, and let the symlinks in
WebPages/ point to ../../Debian.org-local. This way, mirroring the
bugs has to be enabled explicitly, other mirror scripts will only see
the symlinks (as they also currently do).


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