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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases


On Wed, 8 Jan 1997, John Goerzen wrote:

> You make some good points.  The problem I see is this.  Project Gutenberg, for 
> instance, has a huge collection.  There are companies that sell entire CDs of 
> stuff from Gutenberg, so I think that including these etexts would make the 
> Debian distribution huge.  Possibly double its size.
> Perhaps a better alternative would be to provide a "meta-package" that can 
> take etexts or some other kind of information and turn it into a Debian 
> package?  Then users can have their own text and incorporate it into things 
> like dwww.
> Or, as you said, don't make them part of the Debian distribution.

I think Debian are begin to grown enough to begin to talk about 
dividing(??) the distribution. I really like the packaging scheme for 
everything (including some cluster like Guthenberg or x-books). But the 
ftp site double in three months, and bo seems to be ever bigger (may be 
twice than rex? I hope! ;-)  It will be a good thing if we can divided 
everything to simplify life for users. Examples:

	- Having the main debian distribution including normal Linux package
	  plus some popular extra but no source and no development except 
	  for the most important such as does who are already in stable.
	- Keeping contrib as it is.
	- Divided non-free in two: stable and unstable.
	- including some add-on repertories such as developpers ressources,
	  extra packages, docs, meta-packages, reviews and magazine, etc.

May be we can make some big sections partly part of the main distribution 
and partly part of the add-on distributions (eg: TeX, X11, dev.) The 
requirements was only that the main can be a standalone Debian System, 
and everything else extra stuff. I think some extra stuff must be 
included in the main distribution but only only to provide enough choice
for the user. Particularly, he must can compile a personal kernel and 
some other distributed C sources with the main. That's just a bare 

just my 2 pennies.

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