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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Wed, Jan 8 1997 10:12 EST Fabien Ninoles writes:
> I think Debian are begin to grown enough to begin to talk about 
> dividing(??) the distribution. I really like the packaging scheme for 
> everything (including some cluster like Guthenberg or x-books). But the 
> ftp site double in three months, and bo seems to be ever bigger (may be 
> twice than rex? I hope! ;-)  It will be a good thing if we can divided 
> everything to simplify life for users. Examples:
> 	- Having the main debian distribution including normal Linux package
> 	  plus some popular extra but no source and no development except 
> 	  for the most important such as does who are already in stable.
> 	- Keeping contrib as it is.
> 	- Divided non-free in two: stable and unstable.
> 	- including some add-on repertories such as developpers ressources,
> 	  extra packages, docs, meta-packages, reviews and magazine, etc.
> May be we can make some big sections partly part of the main distribution 
> and partly part of the add-on distributions (eg: TeX, X11, dev.) The 
> requirements was only that the main can be a standalone Debian System, 
> and everything else extra stuff. I think some extra stuff must be 
> included in the main distribution but only only to provide enough choice
> for the user. Particularly, he must can compile a personal kernel and 
> some other distributed C sources with the main. That's just a bare 
> minimum.

I see the need for a possible split, but don't like the idea as stated 
One big goal of Debian is that anything under the /debian directory is
*freely distributable and usable* (be it GPLed or BSD-Licensed or some 
free license). Moreover, we want be as complete as RedHat or Slackware, 
don't we?

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