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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

Lars wrote:
> dwww scans for files called .dwww-index in /usr/doc,
> /usr/local/doc, and a few other places, and builds a long and
> a short list of documents.  This doesn't work in the release
> version, and I've since given the package to Jim Pick, who's
> had a bit of other problems to deal with first.

Yep.  I was sick most of December, so I've been trying to catch
up all the work that I was supposed to do.  I'll get the next
release out this week.  I want to test it against as many
web servers as possible.

BTW, there is a pre-release version of dwww (version 1.2.1) at
ftp.jimpick.com/pub/dwww that at least works.  It generates error
messages during the daily cron job for directories that don't
exist - I'll have to fix that.  Also, it may take a bit of tweaking
to get going for any particular web server.  ie.  the CGI should
run as the www-data user, and symlinks should be enabled (for Apache).

I hope to start doing some "real" development on it once I get the
initial release out.  I need to get an account on master too.


 - Jim

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