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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> John Goerzen:
> > But if what we're discussing is making Debian packages out of
> > things that have nothing to do with Debian then we shouldn't be
> > doing it.  (EG, Debian should not try to be Project Gutenberg)...
> Yes, that is also what we're talking about. Making, for example,
> Debian packages of free (usually copyright-elapsed) novels does
> provide added value:

You make some good points.  The problem I see is this.  Project Gutenberg, for 
instance, has a huge collection.  There are companies that sell entire CDs of 
stuff from Gutenberg, so I think that including these etexts would make the 
Debian distribution huge.  Possibly double its size.

Perhaps a better alternative would be to provide a "meta-package" that can 
take etexts or some other kind of information and turn it into a Debian 
package?  Then users can have their own text and incorporate it into things 
like dwww.

Or, as you said, don't make them part of the Debian distribution.

As far as upgrades or deinstallation of etexts go, it's generally just a 
question of FTPing a later version or typing rm....  I think that the primary 
benefit from your list would be the integration into dwww and similar.  (Hmm, 
how does that work anyway?  Would dwww be unable to detect it if a user put it 

> 	- easier upgrades
> 	- easier deinstallation
> 	- better integration into Debian, for example dwww's
> 		lists of documents
> Whether these should be part of the main Debian distribution is
> an open question, but note that we already have writings that
> aren't strictly Debian related, even though they're computer
> related.

This is something I was not aware of.  Small amounts of stuff like that is no big problem, but if we are talking of something on the magnitude of Project Gutenberg, I think we need to be careful we don't step into more than we can handle first.

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