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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

> > BTW, does someone remember the result of the "literature" - "texts" -
> > "docs" - "books" discussion? I thought we wanted to make an extra section
> > for that, too.
> Remember? No. Quick comments:
> 	literature	good enough, though not entirely to my liking
> 	texts		we already have tex and text; too much confusion
> 	docs		we already have doc; too much confusion
> 	books		they aren't books, necessarily
> More ideas: writings, etexts.

Hmm, maybe somebody can fill me in on this (I haven't been around long enough 
to know about that discussion, I guess).  But if what we're discussing is 
making Debian packages out of things that have nothing to do with Debian then 
we shouldn't be doing it.  (EG, Debian should not try to be Project 

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