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Bug#5315: 822-date and shellutils and dpkg

I read Lars' patch to GNU date with interest, but I think that the
issue is a little trickier to do completely right.

822-date (as provided by dpkg) prints the timezone as a numeric
offset, rather than as a timezone name.  I think that this is a very
good thing and that date(1) should have the ability to do this.  In
fact, I thought it was such a good thing that dates in changelog files
&c are required by programmers' 3.2.3 to have numeric timezones.
Dates without numeric timezones are hard to interpret for people not
nearby, and are often ambiguous.

I don't think that a plain `print RFC822 date' option to date is
sufficient: I think that there should be %<foo> specifiers for the
numeric timezone offset (and for any other components of an RFC822
format date with numeric timezone that date can't do already), and
that the --822 option should just use a default string with these

Thanks, and sorry to rain on your progress party.


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