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Bug#5317: new perl has different arch directory


Winfried Truemper, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Darren, if this isn't fixed before rex is released, it will produce an
>immense amount of bug-reports, believe me. Something like perl has to be
>stable in a long time run because there a so many perl-scripts out there.

Except that perl-scripts don't care about the architecture dependent
directories.  They either require or include and perl takes care of
things for them.  Really, if we get lots of bug-reports, it won't be
because the arch directory changed.

Really, this release fixes lots of bugs that have been a problem.  This
version will turn the roar about h2ph down.  That's been a thorn in my
side since I got this package.

>brian> The old i486-linux/* files are still around, but will never be
>brian> searched.
>torin> Actually, those are detrius from the previous perlconfig.  There
>torin> wasn't a way to blow those away without destroying parts of various
>torin> extensions, so I didn't.

Well, most of that is from other packages which will have to be rebuilt
with the new arch-dir...

I'll also be able to remove the old *.ph files as well.  I just don't
want to remove files from packages that haven't upgraded to the new
arch-dir.  Local stuff won't be affected.  It goes in /usr/local.

>BTW, I recieve errors like "Perl lib version (5.002) doesn't match
>executable version (5.00307)". Do you have a clue about the origin
>of it?

Are you using embedded perl applications?

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