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Re: Incoming directory status

You (Guy Maor) wrote:
> On Thu, 9 May 1996, Christian Hudon wrote:
> > I've got a termcap-compat package just about done. If people agree, I'd
> > upload it to master...
> I'm not sure if it's emacs or ncurses, but one of them is extremely
> picky about the /etc/termcap file.  I assume this file will be included
> in your termcap-compat package.  For example, they dislike slashes (/)
> in the terminal names.

I haven't looked yet myself so I could be totally wrong here, but the
"old" debian termcap file and the one from termcap-2.0.8 are totally out
of date. With the ncurses package a "master" termcap/info file is included
from which the terminfo entries are generated, and from which a matching
termcap file can be created. You probably want to include that file as
the termcap file.

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