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Re: Incoming directory status

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> said:

> [...] With the ncurses package a "master" termcap/info file is included
> from which the terminfo entries are generated, and from which a matching
> termcap file can be created. You probably want to include that file as
> the termcap file.

Or, perhaps better, a termcap-compat package might use 'infocmp -Cr`
to construct a /etc/termcap file using terminal definitions taken from
the currently-installed terminfo files.

This might be done from a script placed in /usr/sbin and run from
the postinst, leaving the script available to be re-run manually
as might be needed to re-sync the termcap and terminfo files.

Alternatively, the termcap file might be built from the installed
terminfo files in the termcap-compat postinst, and the termcap-compat
package re-installed if rebuilding the termcap file is needed to capture
changes made in the terminfo files.

(Of these two alternatives, I think the first is cleaner)

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