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Bug#2875: smail install config script

Martin Schulze writes ("Re: Bug#2875: smail install config script"):
> You write:
> }This is pretty much unavoidable with Smail.  Smail isn't capable of
> }the kind of horrible hackery where you want `spong' to go to
> }`spong@mailhost' but `root' to go to `root' locally.
> Huh? Ian, I think here's a misunderstanding.
> Smail sends mail
> User: joey	To: joey	Goes to: joey
> User: root	To: root	Goes to: root@mailhost
> At least this is what happened here before I killed all the
> Smail configuration that comes with Debian and installed my own from
> scratch. (Or did I forgot the correct facts?)

I'm surprised that you managed to get it to do this without doing
something special yourself.  Certainly Debian's configuration oughtn't
to get it doing anything like that.

Perhaps I'm mistaken ...


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