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Bug#2875: smail install config script

You write:

}CD Rasmussen writes ("Bug#2875: smail install config script"):
}> Package: smail
}> Version:
}> Problem Description:
}>    The install config script assumes that it should send all locally
}>    generated root messages to the same machine as all locally
}>    generated outgoing mail.
}>    In my case I do not want my messges to root emailed to
}>    root@mailhost.

}This is pretty much unavoidable with Smail.  Smail isn't capable of
}the kind of horrible hackery where you want `spong' to go to
}`spong@mailhost' but `root' to go to `root' locally.

Huh? Ian, I think here's a misunderstanding.

Smail sends mail

User: joey	To: joey	Goes to: joey
User: root	To: root	Goes to: root@mailhost

At least this is what happened here before I killed all the
Smail configuration that comes with Debian and installed my own from
scratch. (Or did I forgot the correct facts?)



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