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Re: Developer@debian.org

On 31 Jan 1996, Kai Henningsen wrote:


> Of course, there are other cost factors.

Yes, there are I guess. The name server for debian.org is at "Metropolitan 
Data Networks, Ltd." They are a for profit ISP. Therefore they must be 
charging someone for the name service. Their web page says they charge 
$5/month per IP address for "Full Domain Routing". The debian.org domain 
consists of 3-4 hosts, so that would sum up to $15-$20 per month. I might 
be completely wrong. It's only my guess.

> I expect the real cost with setting up developer aliases would be the mail  
> flow through the machine used for this. I have no real idea how much mail  
> that would be.

I think it is more complicated than that. It seems there is no machine 
called "debian.org". There is "ftp.debian.org", whose real name is
"bugs-2.cps.cmich.edu" and "master.debian.org", which is connected to
"hplabs.bbnplanet.net". It seems that ftp.debian.org is having some 
serious troubles. There is a worrisome posting from Matthew Bailey about 
the need of donations for it. I don't know who maintains 
master.debian.org because I missed the discussion in debian-private about it.

I really think someone with more knowledge should clarify all this. If 
the Debian project is having financial difficulties, I would like to know.
I think it is a good project and I don't want it to die just because of
lack of funds. I think we should find a way to raise funds for the project.
I might be wrong again, but it looks to me that way.


	Fernando Alegre

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