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Re: By the way, what is "Debian Association, Inc."?

From: Fernando Alegre <fernando@mars.superlink.net>
> So, the obvious question is "what is Debian Association, Inc.?"

Ian Murdock formed the corporation. I think it is not a charitable nonprofit
because he didn't know how to do this at the time. Also, Linux International
is not currently a charatible nonprofit. I think we need an accountant or
attorney who will work pro bono to help us with this. The present legal
organization is not quite what we eventually want it to become. We need to
have two separate entities - the project itself, and a charitable nonprofit
foundation used to make tax-deductable donations to the project. I know of
lots of organizations that do this (ARRL, the big U.S. ham radio club is one).
I wouldn't want to file the papers on my own, though.

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