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Re: debian-private, master.debian.org, what's all that?

>> A developers-only system. If you aren't a developer, please don't contact it.
From: Fernando Alegre <fernando@mars.superlink.net>
> Could you explain what "developer" means in this context?

Good question. Your reasons to contact with this machine would be if
you were uploading a copy of a package you maintained, or if you were
doing some other sort of maintainence of the Debian archive or web
site. We split the actual place where the maintainers work from the
public FTP machine that the mirrors and downloaders access because the
maintainers can do their job better when they can upload very quickly.

>> That's our little private mailing list...

> There is no need for you to get away of your usually courteous answers.

Sorry. I was attempting to be humorous.

There is a mailing list that only package maintainers are on. It is not
a top-secret privileged-eyes-only sort of thing, but once in a long
while we do want to talk about stuff without it being gatewayed to news
groups. The most notable example of this was the Infomagic release of
"Debian-1.0" (which wasn't really 1.0) on their November CD. I
discussed that issue on debian-private before we made a formal public
announcement. Using the private list that way let us (and Infomagic)
present one coordinated message to the world after we decided what that
message was going to be. I also informed debian-private when I went on
vacation, as I didn't want to tell the entire Internet (via
news group gateways of debian-devel) that my house was ripe for burglary
while I was away.

Every once in a while I update the subscriber list of debian-private
from the Packages file, so that people who upload packages eventually
get on the list. The "elmers" (volunteer trainers) are also on the
list, because once in a while they have friction with the elm-ees and
want to unload the tale to us where the general public won't see.
The latest mention of debian-private was because someone who should have
been reading its messages got unsubscribed automaticaly after 4 delivery
failures, and during that time we happened to discuss something that was
important to him, and he didn't see that discussion, and we didn't know
he wasn't seeing it.

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