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Re: Debian Install (long) plea for help

> I do not consider myself stupid nor naive to Unix systems but have
> exhausted my meager IQ trying to bring an ELF debian system up.

> 4.  Used basedisks.sh to try and create a new base disk - big trouble. 

We can't do that yet. Some packages aren't ready. "dialog" is an important
one, there are others too, I think. When they all become ready a lot of
names have to be changed.

> 6.  Root disk does not go into ramdisk, stays on the floppy.  Oh, well,
> must be a nice feature for those of us with 4 MB of RAM.

Read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/ramdisk.txt . They changed the

> 7.  The fdisk option refuse to complete installation.

I am rewriting the disk part of the installation.

>  9.  ``VFS:  Prepare for armagaden...''
There were 3 other messages but they perhaps didn't get to the console
because of the syslog configuration. It means you have a floppy, not
a ramdisk, root mounted and you just pulled the root device out of the

The way to upgrade, I think, for now, is to install 0.93, and then in
this order

	make sure kernel has ELF built in, not a module, or init won't run
	upgrade ld.so using dpkg, not dselect
	install libraries using dpkg, not dselect
	install dpkg using dpkg, not dselect
	install everything in devel, using dpkg, not dselect
	use dselect to install everything else.

David may have an improvement on this.

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