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Re: Debian Install (long) plea for help

On Wed, 17 Jan 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> [...]
> 	make sure kernel has ELF built in, not a module, or init won't run
> 	upgrade ld.so using dpkg, not dselect
> 	install libraries using dpkg, not dselect
> 	install dpkg using dpkg, not dselect

According to Ian Jackson's suggestions, which worked for me, the dpkg 
upgrade should go BEFORE the ld.so upgrade, like this:

   dpkg --install dpkg-V.deb
   dpkg --install ld.so-V.deb
   dpkg --remove libc

(dpkg won't actually remove libc until the next step ...)

   dpkg --install --auto-deconfigure libc4-V.deb

(dpkg replaces libc with libc4.)

   dpkg --install libc5

And then on to the rest.

> 	install everything in devel, using dpkg, not dselect
> 	use dselect to install everything else.

Hope this helps,


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