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Bug#2171: timezone: how to determine zone setting?

Package: timezone
Version: 7.46-0

Originally reported by Raul Miller <rdm@tad.micro.umn.edu>

Since /etc/localtime is a file and not a symlink, it is difficult to
determine precisely which time zone is set.

I can fix this when I release a new revision. However, I don't remember
whether the timezone is set at installation time for new users. In that
case, it would have to be fixed by the installation maintainer (currently
Bruce, aren't you?) in the installation scripts.

Besides, I would like to create a script (/usr/sbin/tzconfig) for
changing the timezone at any moment. It would also be called by dpkg's
prerm and postinst scripts. Would this interfere with the way timezones
are set in the installation scripts? I can't install Debian afresh just
to check that. Is there any other way to check what the installation
scripts do without actually installing a new system?

	Fernando Alegre

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