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Re: pbmplus/netpbm & /usr/bin

"James A. Robinson" <jimr@simons-rock.edu>, in a magnificent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>Awhlie ago Ian Jackson and I discussed the problem of pbmplus sticking
>itself in /usr/bin/pbmplus (Bug 1115). Since most people seem to want
>netpbm over pbmplus, I am thinking Debian can just withdraw pbmplus,
>and substitute netpbm.  In this case, we could merge it into /usr/bin.

I was thinking about this too.  What's preferred?  I was thinking that I
wanted to fix p?mforge and use the elf libraries before I uploaded it
but I realized that I should just upload it and then work on those other
issues.  I can set this up either way.  

The other issue here is the gif copyright issue.  What I was
conjecturing was to make a netpbm-gif package that contained all the gif
code.  This would go into non-free with the rest of netpbm going into
graphics.  How does that sound?

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