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Re: ncurses-1.9.8a ELF release

> Having said all that, there's the .changes file for 1.9.8a: 

Hi Mike,

I got your latest packages from ftp.pixar.com.  All in all, things
look good.  Here are my initial findings.

The -dev package provides virtual ncurses-dev package but it also
needs to conflict with it.

The symlinks for lib*.so are in the runtime package.  They should be
in the -dev package.

The shared libraries for form, menu and panel are in /lib.  They
should probably be in /usr/lib unless and until a boot-critical
program needs them /lib.

The symlink for libcurses.a is wrong.  It should point to libncurses.a.

There is no symlink for libcurses.so.  There should be one in the -dev

The runtime package installs the shared libraries as lib*.so.3.0.new
and then renames them to lib*.so.3.0 in the postinst script.  This is
fine for not disturbing running programs when the package is being
upgraded, but there is no provision for deleting the files when the
package is removed.  Again, I'd like to hear Ian Jackson's thoughts on
adding special installation support for shared libraries to dpkg.

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