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Re: ncurses-1.9.8a ELF release

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, David Engel wrote:
> The -dev package provides virtual ncurses-dev package but it also
> needs to conflict with it.

Oops.  You told me that.  Done.

> The symlinks for lib*.so are in the runtime package.  They should be
> in the -dev package.

Makes sense.  Done.

> The shared libraries for form, menu and panel are in /lib.  They
> should probably be in /usr/lib unless and until a boot-critical
> program needs them /lib.

Well, since _nothing_ needs them right now...Done.

> The symlink for libcurses.a is wrong.  It should point to libncurses.a.


> There is no symlink for libcurses.so.  There should be one in the -dev
> package.

OK.  Jeff Noxon mentioned that a link for libtermcap.so might also be in 

> The runtime package installs the shared libraries as lib*.so.3.0.new
> and then renames them to lib*.so.3.0 in the postinst script.  This is
> fine for not disturbing running programs when the package is being
> upgraded, but there is no provision for deleting the files when the
> package is removed.  Again, I'd like to hear Ian Jackson's thoughts on
> adding special installation support for shared libraries to dpkg.

For the moment I guess I'll re-rename them in the prerm.

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