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e2-2.0.beta-3 uploaded

This is another update of the beta-test next-generation elvis
vi clone.

The author has asked that this not yet be made widely available.
Please put it in project/private/BETA.  Interested debian maintainers
are invited to download it and provide feedback to the author.

Date: 09 Dec 95 18:14 UT
Source: e2
Binary: e2 
Version: 2.0.beta-3
 e2: A text editor, patterned after the unix vi editor
Priority: Low
        aout package
        * Update from 2.0h beta to 2.0i beta
        * This is a BETA TEST package
        * It is being announced only to debian-devel at this time
        * e2-2.0.beta is patterned after the vi editor, and provides
        * several enhancements, among which are C language syntax
        * hiliting and an X11 interface with clickpoint positioning,
        * click & drag selection, html processing, and more.
        * Please report bugs directly to the author at kirkenda@cs.pdx.edu.
        * The following is from the author's announcement.
        The biggest differences between this version (2.0i) and the previous
        beta-test version (2.0h) are as follows...
        * The options which control the "c" display mode can now be set
          in your elvis.ini file or .exrc (elvis.rc for non-UNIX) file.
        * Added support for a "binary" option, so that binary files can
          be read and written.  Generally, the "binary" option is set
          in the "elvis.brf" file so it will be automatically set for each
          new buffer, before the buffer is loaded with data from the file.
        * Support for "wrapmargin" has been implemented in normal and
          c display modes.
        * In the "man" display modes, the .B and .I commands will now insert
          whitespace between arguments.  Previously they omitted whitespace
          like the .BI, etc. commands do.
        * Implemented abbreviations.
        * Fixed many bugs:
              * I fixed a bug in the handling of modifier keys, which should
                make some non-U.S. keyboards work better.
              * Fixed bugs in the :xit and :goto commands, and added the
                :close command.
              * I believe I have fixed that annoying bug which caused cw to
                leave the old text and the terminating '$' in the buffer
                even after ESC.
              * Fixed some bugs in the visual ! command.
        * I've written most of the documentation.  The missing chapters are
          4 (ex mode), 8 (user interfaces), 9 (initialization & sessions),
          and 11 (error messages).
 -rw-rw-r--   1 root     root       396979 Dec  9 10:14 e2-2.0.beta-3.tar.gz
 -rw-rw-r--   1 root     root        11770 Dec  9 10:14 e2-2.0.beta-3.diff.gz
 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root       173336 Dec  9 10:13 e2-2.0.beta-3.deb
 beae85e141cd8547216d2fd166df9527  e2-2.0.beta-3.tar.gz
 e6cab0f6877290e640bdf221f221f0e8  e2-2.0.beta-3.diff.gz
 8bd3325f8de28a4be13bf4404f1c7d8a  e2-2.0.beta-3.deb

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