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Re: bumping the version number

> On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Bill Mitchell wrote:
> > 
> > It seems like this will cause the mirrors carrying 1.0 to download
> > the whole tree again.  If we're going to do that, perhaps we should
> > have the debian-development (or whatever) be the directory tree and
> > debian-1.<whatever> be a symlink to it.  That way, the next bump of
> > the version number wouldn't cause massive downloading (or so I would
> > think).
> > 
> just FYI that has already happened. All mirror sites have probably done 
> the equivelant of an rm -rf debian-1.0 already since we moved the tree.
> This makes ftp.debian.org the only site for the 1.0 release now.

Not quite right.  I've modified my mirror to account for the changes on
ftp.debian.org, and now have the entire tree under /debian (except for the
private stuff, of course).  I'm currently following the same procedures
ftp.debian.org is on their tree arrangements.  There is an ALPHA-TEST dir
unreadable by all, with a debian-1.0 dir right under it.  

What I don't understand, however, is why bother making ALPHA-TEST unreadable, 
if you have a symlink called 'development' that takes a user right to the 
hidden 'ALPHA-TEST/debian-1.0'.  IMHO, this defeats the purpose of insuring
that a person who is ftp-ing version 1.0 really knows what they're getting

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
				- http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin

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