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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

> I thought the baby gnu was cute, but didn't think it belonged
> there as the main graphic, and didn't see the tie-in with
> Debian Associates (or whatever we're calling ourselves now)
> or with Linux.  I think the main debian home page graphic
> ought to be more Linux-ish than GNU-ish.
Two comments:
2)  Whatever we use here should be small.  Perhaps it can itself be a
    reference to a larger copy of the same image.  We should be able
    to see the beginning (at least) of the text on the same page as
    this image.
1)  I agree that something more Linux-y than GNU-y would be appropriate.
    Perhaps, since ``Debian GNU/Linux'' is both, (Linux & GNU) we could
    put two small images near the top.  One being this baby GNU and one
    being the Linux logo (I believe there is one).

                David H. Silber             dhs@firefly.com 

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