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Re: Suggestions for http://www.debian.org/ home page

I thought the baby gnu was cute, but didn't think it belonged
there as the main graphic, and didn't see the tie-in with
Debian Associates (or whatever we're calling ourselves now)
or with Linux.  I think the main debian home page graphic
ought to be more Linux-ish than GNU-ish.

Taking this thread in a new direction, and speaking of home pages,
what happened to the discussion of what to do for a standard home
page on installed debian user systems?

I recall someone suggesting the idea that all debian systems should
have a standard local home page installed which all the debain web
browsers would use.  That local home page would link to the debian.org
home page -- and possibly to others.  The user could modify this
post-install, of course.  Seems like this would be easy to implement,
and seemed to make a lot of sense  I liked the suggestion.

I don't have X11 running on my debian systems, and I've only
installed one web browser -- lynx.  That was on my home system,
which is not net-connected.  I recall having problems getting
lynx to come up -- but I'm not at home now to check and don't
have time right now to try to duplicate whatever happened.

Incidentally, the reason I installed lynx was to try satan (satan
wants to be run from a web browser -- at least that's how I understand
it).  I got both lynx and satan up, but haven't been able to make
satan do anything useful.  It's unable to "Select Target System",
and apparently needs graphic access to its "control panel" (not
available in text-mode lynx).  I'm a web novice, so I could be
misunderstanding all of this -- I haven't spent much time trying to
figure it out.

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